Okay Toby Productions was founded in 2014 to create simple sketch comedy. Since then, we've been warming up and testing our mettle. Now we're ready to grow. To do that, we want to enter the exciting artistic and creative scene already blooming in Indianapolis. The plan revolves around our core values. We care about community, we LOVE to have fun, and we want to create quality films and entertainment experiences. We believe all three can be addressed simultaneously and we're aiming high.

To begin, we need to pair with the right people and organizations. This may sound like buzzword-infused chatter, but collaboration makes everything better. It's crucial to be transparent about who we are, what we love, and what we want to create. Just as it's unwise to change your identity for another person, (because that never really works) we believe it's important to find the right sponsors.

Check out some of our inspirations below. If you like these, you'll like us and maybe we should talk. Here's a bit of what we love. It's the level of content we're aiming for:


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